Technical Notes

For "Flowing with the Flue", we did the complete pre-
production (december 1996) in our B4B home-studio in
Amsterdam. We recorded all the vocals, guitars,
Chapman Stick, rythm tracks and samples on two
Roland VS880 harddisk recorders. (The VS880 has 64
virtual tracks on board). These VS880s were running in
sync with an old, but reliable Atari 1040ST computer with
Cubase. Cubase triggered all the keyboard sounds
(Emu Proteus-1, Roland U220, Roland JV1080, Orla
DSE12, Yamaha TX 812) and the programmed Drum
sounds (2x Akai S900). Not a typical 'state of the art'
setup, but back then, to us it was functioning very well!.

The final mixes were done at the Impuls Tonstudio in
Hamburg / Germany on a 48 channel mixing-console
with complete fader automation.

For "Between Living and Dreaming", we have basically
worked the same way. However, the B4B studio gear is
being updated and now the heart of the sudio consists
of a ProTools set with a Contol24 Console. The Atari
computers are being replaced with heavy duty audio
PC's. One running ProTools, one running Nuendo and
a third one running Cubase SX2 and Reason. All these
machines run in sync. This provides a very flexible way
of working.

Hardly any use is made of hardware synths or sound
modules. Most of the keyboard sounds and extra
samples are being triggered by Reason and softsynths
like Hypersonic, Absynth, V-station...

The editing and final mastering for the 2006 version
of "Between Living and Dreaming" is all done within

Here follows a list of the gear and software that's
being used in our studio.

E-mu Proteus 1
Orla DSE12
Roland U220
Roland JV-1080
Yamaha TX 812

Akai S6000
Akai S900
Halion Softsampler
Kompakt SoftsamplePlayer

Alesis 3630
Alesis Quadraverb
Boss pedals (various)
Digitech GSP 2101
Lexicon LXP1
Lexicon Jamman
MXR Flanger
Perscription Experience Pedal
Rockman guitar effects (various)
Yamaha SPX 50D
Yamaha FX 500B

Recording / Sequencing
PC running ProTools
PC running Nuendo 2.0
PC running Cubase SX3 / Reason 3.0
Ableton Live 5.0

Wavelab 5.1
SoundForge 6.0

Hard Disk System
ProTools HD
Roland VS880
Roland VS1680

Allen & Heath GS 3
Mackie 1604 VLZ
Mackie 1402 VLZ
Sennheiser 1408
Sony 59 ES

Fender Stratocaster (x2)
Washburn el git.
Chapman Stick (10 str.)
Grand Stick (12 str.)
Takamine Acoustic git.

ToonTrack - Drumkit From Hell
Recycle 2.0