(an introduction by Frank Weyzig


The long awaited release of 'Between Living & Dreaming'
is here!!! (release date april/may 2010 on ECHOZONE)

Ah… Where to start? An album release from a band that
doesn’t exist anymore. An album that initially has been
recorded 10 years ago… Is there any reason for that?
Well yes!

Lately, I’ve been slowly moving my way back into the music
scene with my contribution for 'White Rose Transmission',
and one night, while I was working in my studio on one of
the WRT tracks, I stumbled on these long forgotten B4B files
on my hard drive. After playing some of the tracks, I was
stunned about the freshness and the dynamics of the songs.
Just one thought entered my mind… This album deserves a second chance!

After recording this album with Born For Bliss in 1999, the
band split up due to all kinds of problems with our former management and record company. At that time, frustrated
as I was with the whole business, I just gave up and never
found the energy to do a final effort to release the album.

Shows you how things unexpectedly can take a different
course! Now, under the wings of German label ECHOZONE,
the album is re-mastered, neatly packaged and anxiously
waiting for you!

What makes this album so special, you would probably ask?

I could try to describe the music on this album to you. It would
be difficult though, to not talk in clichés. Yes, some of you may remember that me and Willem van Antwerpen, were former members of dutch electronic wave legend 'Clan Of Xymox'....
So undoubtedly there will be some early Xymox influences
on this record as well. Remco Helbers found his way to Born
For Bliss via 'The Dreamside', and with his very own style of playing the 'Chapman Stick' he adds a special dimension to
the Born For Bliss sound....

For the real fans it will be a surprise to listen to ‘Dragon’, one
of the bonus tracks on the album. This song is a demo I wrote
and recorded during the early Xymox period and still is one of
my favorite songs and it definitely reflects the mood of that era. Another extra is my demo version of ‘Ylene’, which I wrote for
'Love Like Blood’ for their ‘Snake Killer’ album. And then there's also a demo version of 'This Love', the very last song I ever
wrote for Born For Bliss… So the album is not just released
after all, but also packed with extras!

I could not leave you without giving you my view on the music scene. We all know that the music business is going through
a massive change right now. Imagine this… While I was
playing with Xymox in the mid eighties, our first album was released on vinyl. There were not even CD’s back then! The
speed at which everything is changing is incredible!
Nowadays,all existing music, almost everything that has ever
been recorded, is downloadable, legal or illegal... Is there still hope for alternative music and their creators? Of course, as
long as you, the fans, are willing to support your favorite
artists. And as long as we, your favorite artists, are willing to provide you with pure and honest music…

Frank Weyzig

february 2010