Flowing with the Flue

Already in the first week after its release (april '97),
"Flowing with the Flue" entered high into the German
alternative charts!

Here follow some of the reviews.


Side Line 6/97: Seba Dolimont

Centred on ex-Xymox and ex-Dreamside members, the
Dutch formation Born For Bliss return this time with a full
length album I had been eagerly waiting for since the release
of the beautiful appetiser single "Arabia" out some months ago already. They play very moody and catchy melancholic electro wave tunes, marrying the good old 80's feeling with the
freshness of the 90's sound and production. Flowing with the
Flue is a very open album, leaving all issues available, letting
the feelings of the musicians lead the songs. Now slow and romantic (Ocean of Lies), then up-tempo dancey (White
Rabbit), Born For Bliss bring you splendiferous atmospheres
with such a gloomy and dynamic manner, both at the same
time, that they can't leave you unaffected. The synthisized
sounds in harmony with the expressive voice and fluent
guitars make this album a worthwhile experience for sure.
Try songs like "Arabia", "Killing Time", "Talk" or yet "If
Someone". You'll understand what I mean. Smoothly dark
and delightful!

Entry 6/97: Robert Rosowski

(translation of the original German review)

Finally! Here it is, the long awaited fulltime CD of ex- 'Clan
Of Xymox' formation "Born For Bliss". Honestly, the 10 songs
on this album are really fantastic! After the dance-hit "Arabia",
we continue with a not less dangerous piece "Killing Time"
and with "Mercedes' Eyes" we have a third potential hit-song!
Now don't you think that I only have mentioned the best
songs of the album, because these were just the first three
songs in running order. On we go with romantic, psychedelic
and ntensive songs. You will hardly have a chance to sit back
and relax! A convincing coverversion of Jefferson Airplane's
"White Rabbit" from the late 70's is blowing from the speakers
and makes you think of the good old days of Clan Of Xymox.
This, and I really mean it, is a CD that should not be missing
in your album collection! Just look at our Top 5. and you'll see
what I mean. great stuff!

Orkus 5/97: Dennis Wollnik
(translation of the original German review)

Born For Bliss kept us waiting for more then six months,
since they did their last german-tour with label-mates
"Dreadful Shadows", before releasing their debut-album
"Flowing with the Flue". What we were hoping for, after
listening to the pre-released "Arabia" single, has become
reality! The three Dutch-men prove, with their impressive
debut album, that Wave-music in the 90's is still very much
alive! O.K. Maybe they do not reach the ultimate level of the legendaric Clan Of Xymox, of which Frank Weyzig and Wim
van Antwerpen used to be members, but the link to this
band is very much recognizable. Especially when the
'Xymox-like' uitars start howling and Frank sings with true
passion about his heart-aches. Born For Bliss will first take
you on a elancholic daydream-trip and then, with a dramatic climax, hey will awake your deepest inner desires! This is
dreary, loomy music. Not for the happy and the lighthearted


New Life 4/97: Breda Massmann
(translation of the original German review)

After the first-class CD-single "Arabia", the ex- Clan of
Xymox- members now present their long awaited debut-
album. A mercilessly good peace of work! The trio really
have created a rich variety of Wave, far above the grey
average. Whether it is the sweet, with acoustic guitars
imbedded song "When it Comes", the more powerful
tracks,r the melancholic mid-tempo song "If Only", all the
songs ave that certain 'something'! Naturally the fetching
dance-hit "Arabia" has also found a place on this album.
Special mphasis is laid on the melodic aspect of the
songs. With a soothing magnificence the melody-waves
hit you right in the heart. Equally exciting are the charismatic vocals, together with a range of sound-samples. Truely a
delight for the ears. Enough said. I'll only keep you from
listening. Cool wave-work! Tip!

Tobis CD-reviews: 4/97
(translation of the original German review)

Talking about this band, you simlpy can't avoid the name
Clan Of Xymox, because two of the three members
(Frank Weyzig and Wim van Antwerpen) once belonged
to that cult-band. They were joined by Remco helbers,
who worked with The Dreamside and with Love Like Blood.
So much for the line-up. Their strong maxi-CD "Arabia"
had already given an indicationof things to come! Now
they present their first longplayer. In 51 minutes they offer
10 songs, which will lift the hearts of many Wave-fans.
From danceable power-songs like "Arabia" or
"White Rabbit" to melancholic ballads like "When it
Comes" and "Killing Time", this album offers excellent
produced, very well composed and arranged music.
What more could one desire! A very successful debut.
9 points!