While Born for Bliss was supporting the Dreadful Shadows
during their german 'Buried Again' tour (winter 1996), this
single hit the german alternative-charts in no time!

Here follow some of the reviews:


SideLine Music-Magazine nr.01-1997
Seba Dolimont (TSF) Ranking by TSF: 9

Born For Bliss, a name you may never heard of before
reading this, gathers anaway the required elements to
be succesful. All three members of this band have indeed
such brilliant curriculum vitae that Deathwish Office maybe
offered them a contract before hearing any demo track of
their music!! We find first of all two core members of Clan
of Xymox, being Frank Weyzig and Wim van Antwerpen
together with ex-Dreamside mastermind Remco Helbers.
The result is a modern combination of melancholic tones,
wavey electronic strings, alluring and expressive vocals,
catchy melodies and very professional song structures.
This 4 track single presents two very good songs, with a
slight personal preference for the moody "She". Lots of
emotions and atmosphere on such a little silver disc!
Discover this single in emergency before the release of
the full length album in March and the tour together with
their label mates 'The Dreadful Shadows'. Brilliant!


Dark Mind 12/96: Tadeusz
(translation of the original German review)

Some of you will surely remember the name Born For
Bliss as the support-act for the Dreadful Shadows during
their 'Buried Again' tour in 1996. Born For Bliss present
strong Wave-music mixed with fresh melodies. No wonder,
because two ex-members of Clan of Xymox (at the time
of their first two cult-albums) together with Chapman
Stick-player Remco Helbers, known for his work with The Dreamside and Love Like Blood, are behind this name.
After a short Arabian intro, the listener will immediately be captured by a strong exceptional sound. The titlesong is a
classic example of a succesful composition in its best interpretation. Computer drums, hypnotising voices
together with the unique sound of the Chapman Stick
(a combination of guitar- and bass-riffs with keyboard
sounds) should really guarantee that this song will be
heard in the clubs many times. The Arabia - Desert mix,
no less interesting, is an alternative version of the song.
The second song you find on the Maxi is "She" (together
with an acoustic version), and shows the more melancholic
side of the band. A verse and a chorus which you won't
easily forget. At the moment, the band is in the studio
recording their first album, to be released in the beginning
of 1997. we should be exited about a band capable of
following the footsteps of Clan of Xymox.


Tobis CD-Rezensionen: 1/97
(translation of the original German review)

Some readers will probabely remember Clan of Xymox,
one of the top Wave acts from the 80s. Two of the Clan-
musicians, together with an ex- Dreamside- and temporary
Love Like Blood-member have now formed this new trio.
They offer a very solid and interesting mixture of Wave and Gothrock. "Arabia" and "She" appear both in original and in
remix-version. Where the originals are powerful with wavey
guitars and driving beats together with rich vocals, the two
remixes offer more electronic and quiet acoustic joy. A very
well made Maxi-CD.
8 points!


Anon 1/97: Holger Meyer
(translation of the original German review)

The musicians behind this band are no less than former
Clan of Xymox-members Frank Weyzig and Willem van
Antwerpen, who made Wave-history with their first band. Reinforced with Remco Helbers under the name Born For
Bliss, they present their maxi-CD, a foretast of a soon to be released album. It contains two songs in two different mixes, "Arabia" and "She", of which the original mix of "Arabia" is the
most convincing. This is how 80's-wave, covincingly
transposed to modern times should sound like! Melodic,
but no Kitsch. My compliments!


Orkus 1/97: Axel B.
(translation of the original German review)

Interesting stuff! The single offers Gothic Rock with oriental influences. A style you would rather place in the tradition of
old Wave-songs from the eighties. Synthisizers play an
important part in this production. Born For Bliss have already presented themselves live as support-act for The Dreadful Shadows, and now also available on disc!